Rcom Mini 3 egg Incubator

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Rcom Mini 3 egg Incubator

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This Rcom 3 incubator was the first to use commercial style electronics in a consumer machine, in its time it was a sensation, sure its small, but not everyone wants heaps of chicks.

Plug your incubator into a surge protection power plug/ UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to protect the internal digital parts against power spikes and brown outs.

When incubating, setting and hatching always ensure the incubation room ( ambient for the machine)  is at a reasonable temperature and humidity, all machines operate within a range and outside of that range reults will vary.

  • Manual overide allows adjustment of standard temperature if the user requires
  • FREE Calibration thermometer worth $25 included
  • Select Species from Chicken, Duck, Pheasant, Quail, Parrot
  • Incubation mode commences automatic turning to suit species selected (adjustable time if other bird selected)
  • Humidity is dependent on water level and room humidity (Humidity is not actively controlled)
  • Count down feature ceases turning 3 days before hatch day
  • Alarm, if the incubator runs out of water,with overfill protection
  • Overtemperature alarm
  • Absolutely ideal as a rescue incubator for small clutches
  • If I'm too small then look at my big brother,  Rcom Suro or Rcom 20
  • See also Rcom Scope an add on candler for educational use.

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