4050 Nipple kit with Cup

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Latest 4050 nipple with fitted poly bung and elbow. Ready for easy install into a 20 or 10L drum. Use nipples for hygienic drinkers for your chooks.  This poultry drinker has a splash cup attached to stop drips getting on dusty floors or litter. Cup is clipped onto the nipple.Lubing 4050 nipple is more effective and efficient than previous nipples, less drips wasted but more water into the chooks and chicks due to the large rcircumference. It can be used for chicks to adult chooks, 360 degree feathertouch nipple .

This drinker when attached will suit 5 chooks. It could suit more but it is better to over supply drinkers rather than undersupply. As this is a nipple , pressure restruictions apply, top of water supply should be no higher than 30cm above the nipple/s in use.

When using this in your chicken coop you should allow the chickens to peck up into this drinker nipple to activate the nipple, and drink. Don't Mount this or other Chicken drinkers too low. Too low means damage and mess can be made more regularly, and in the case of nipples a more difficult time trying to drink. Chooks should make some effort with feeders and drinkers, but both should be easy to use and access. So put this drinker at about eye height (alert eye height)of your smallest chicken. We have found that many people put poultry waterers too low and then tell us of problems of dirty water and clogged systems in their chicken waterer. Poultry have to drink,  yet but its easy for you if you make it more difficult for your chooks etc to make a mess of the lovely Bellsouth Chicken drinkers you have bought, installed, and maintain for them.

Always tighten drum kits with the black plastic fittings not the nipple or cup attached.

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