Avio Colony Nest Single Module for 250 birds

Avio Colony Nest Single Module for 250 birds

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The SKA AVIO Communal rollaway nesting system, combines the benefits of colony nests with technological solutions to cleanliness, ease of access, acceptability to the fowl, and low labour for collectionWidely used in Australian free range and organic farms. An ideal nest as a basis for mobile free range houses, through to semi-intensive barn lay systems, and meat breeders. Each nest module accommodates 200 meat breeders though we have some systems in service with 300 layers per module in free range systems. This nesting system optimises comfort of the hen and cleanliness of the egg. Each Rollaway nest floor has galvanised wire mesh with a slight gradient, covered with perforated Astroturf® padding, both of which can be removed for cleaning. Eggs gently roll by gravity onto a wide, rigid polypropylene egg belt and you manually hand pull the egg belt with eggs to the collection point at the end of the nest. Roof has hinged lid so may need securing during unusually windy weather or storm. Designed for 250 birds per single module manual collect, manual closing to prevent night time nesting, slat floors etc. These layer nests have a range of choices associated with them, the listed price is for manual closing manual pull egg collector, no egg belt tension and not a crank system.

Your immediate decision will relate to egg belt width and how many birds per 'shed'. we have included pictures of the system or part of the system but note our nest price .

Dimensions depend on your choices however:

  • Each Avio nest is approximately 2.4 metres long ....plus egg collection tray ....normally 90cm long
  • An Avio unit with 30 cm egg belt is 1.26m wide... please nominate egg width in the comments section .. 500 wide for over 3 in a row is a good idea
  • An Avio with 50cm wide egg belt  is...1.56m wide ...please nominate egg width in the comments section .. 500 wide for over 3 in a row is a good idea
  • Provide your own supports (legs of metal about 60cm high) and slats (ramp) and provide your own mobile support.
  • The slats show in some pictures are available  but not included with the single nest priced here.
Avio nesting systems are sent flat packed on pallet ready for you to assemble. Photos are indicative. 

Pallet dimensions approximately 300kg 300cm x 90cm x 70cm.

Assembly instruction slide show available after purchase, upon request. Want 2 Avio modules in a row for 500 birds




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