Chick Brooder Heating Plate, Small 25cm x 25cm

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Heat emitting, adjustable plate with regulator suitable for chick brooding, suitable for up to 20 chicks.

  • The chick warmer plate emits low-level adjustable heat for safe operation
  • Chicks sit underneath the plate and warmth is from above, their backs need to touch the plate above
  • Chicks move in and out from under the chick warmer as they would from a hen
  • Height is adjustable via the legs on each corner - suggest having 2 legs higher/2 legs lower to crease variable environment
  • Assumes the ambient temperature is at least 15 degrees Celcius or above
  • Chicks need to be regularly observed to ensure they are receiving adequate heat during brooding stage.

For brooding information, not neccessarily animal related, please read Brooder Methods


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