Feeder 25kg Plastic Deep Pan grilled free range

Feeder 25kg Plastic Deep Pan grilled free range

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This poultry feeder is used to efficiently feed broilers, layer hens, growing turkeys, ducks, guinea-fowl and pheasants. Ii is most commonly hung from a rafter but with a rain hat it can be used as more of an outdoor feeder.
Features fully adjustable feed level, and anti flick grill, with deep pan for total feed control. This is a chicken feeder we can freely recommend for mixed grain feeders.Includes cover.

Capacity 25 kg 450mm high x 450 mm diameter Lip height 110mm.

Many factors effect feed consumption. The breed of fowl, the age of the bird, the time of year, the weather conditions, the type of housing, and the type of feed all have an effect.

We can however talk in averages and so set about choosing a Chicken feeder which suits our situation. When using a poultry feeder for layers it is better to have a round feeder rather than a trough. This stops dominant birds from controlling the access to the feed.

Feeders should hang to prevent the birds sifting the feed and spilling some out. The best height is between back and eye height.

Select a feeder which will allow once week filling for layer flocks. This means the system is more convenient.

For laying flocks bigger than 20 chooks use  two Chicken feeders in the shed one at each end, in case one chicken, turkey or game bird decides to defend one feeder as their own, on round feeders a timid bird may well be able to feed on the opposite side as that of a bully chook.

This also helps prevent dominant birds from stopping the birds lower down the peck order from getting to the feed.

With chicks, the choice is between round hoppers and troughs. Troughs are good with fine mash feeds but prefer round hoppers for crumbles.

For some ideas on alternatives to bag feed there is a write up on Alternative feed 


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