Chicken, Poultry and Bird Feeders

Chicken, Poultry and Bird Feeders

Bellsouth has a large variety of steel and plastic Chicken feeders suitable for chicks, chickens, growers, layers, backyard chooks and Commercial layers and broilers.

Most feeders should be hung or mounted properly. It would be rare that a feeder should be just placed on the ground, doing so makes it hard to keep clean and difficult for chooks to feed from.

Having feed come from a silo onto a low platform can invite the chickens to scratch out feed so most of our poultry feeders are hung or wall mounted to take away the option to scratch out food. This is a major step to avoiding waste, along with avoiding attracting pests to eat the food.

Automated systems are also available, along with Quail, Duck and Turkey feeders as well. Contact us for more details

Chick feeders

Chick feeders

Feeders made for the small, from quail to turkey. Well designed and of different capacities

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Hopper Feeder 20L

Product no.: GN11260

$99.00 *
In stock

Cage Coop Cup

Product no.: BBA8353

$5.25 *

can be shipped within 1-2 Weeks

Chick Feeder Trough 40cm

Product no.: GN11675

$13.00 *
In stock

Large DIY Feed Pan Kit

Product no.: HFBC2004

$30.00 *
In stock

20kg Treadle Feeder

Product no.: BBA8123

$218.00 *

can be shipped within 1-2 Weeks

Pigeon & Chicken Drinker/Feeder Trough 50cm

Product no.: GN11615

$19.90 *
In stock

18kg Metal Feeder

Product no.: SK24218E00

$89.95 *

40kg Metal Feeder

Product no.: SK24240E00

$99.00 *
In stock

Rain Shield for 18kg Metal Feeder

Product no.: SK24218E60

$39.00 *
In stock

Chick Feeder Trough 20cm

Product no.: GN11665

$9.90 *
In stock

Hopper Feeder 40 Litre

Product no.: GN11270

$119.00 *
In stock

Slide Top Chick Feeder 600mm

Product no.: BS9830

$16.50 *
In stock

Scratch Tray Feeder 40cm

Product no.: SK10600000

$7.05 *
In stock

5kg Metal Feeder

Product no.: SK24205E00

$69.95 *
In stock

Rain Shield for 5kg Metal Feeder

Product no.: SK24205E60

$34.95 *
In stock

Wise Feeder Wall Mount Bracket

Product no.: OSPWFMB

$9.40 *
In stock

Treadle Feeder 20kg

Product no.: GN11225

$150.00 *

Wise Mountable Feeder 10kg Green

Product no.: BECHABC0401AGRN

$72.00 *
inc Gst exc delivery