Other Animals

Other Animals

Bellsouth acts as agent and Distributor for a wide range of manufacturers who do have items to help in raising other animals.

For example we can supply an Australian made Pet enclosure cleaner which is used for Dog Kennels and we also can supply Pig Vaccinator and Bovine vaccinators

So this section will include items that may help you look after pet dogs , in swine husbandry and animals in general. Some things we have we may not even have thought of the other uses they have for othe ranimals.

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ThaMa405 Fish Vaccinator

Product no.: INJECTTM405

$115.50 *
In stock

ThaMa213 0.1-2ml adj with bottle

Product no.: IFSINJECTTM21320

$127.05 *
In stock

Pig Vaccinator Dual

Product no.: IFSINJECTNEC253

$298.00 *

Animal Brooder Kit, 30cm Large Shade, 250 Watt Element

Product no.: BSP250W-30

$118.50 *
In stock

Bird Brooder ICU Small - Pre-order

Product no.: RCOMMX-BS500

$1,250.00 *

can be shipped within 40 approx days


Product no.: IFSINJECTTM220SK

$18.00 *

Bird Brooder ICU Large - Pre-order

Product no.: RCOMMX-BL500

$1,325.00 *

can be shipped within 40 approx days

Tripod Auto Drinker 40 Litres

Product no.: GN10885

$93.00 *
In stock
inc Gst exc delivery