Gas Large Scale

Gas Large Scale

Table of brooder gas usage, energy versus brooder type and size:

Ceramic gas brooders are able to direct heat effectively. Infrared rays produce heat within the objects they meet. Infrared rays concentrate heat where it is needed and propagate naturally in the chosen direction without losing energy during transmission. Infrared heating feels instantaneous, and therefore the 'comfort level' is reached very rapidly. As there are no moving parts in this brooder type, it is silent and creates no draughts or dust movement. Ceramic elements have the greatest capacity to transform energy into directional heat rays. The honeycomb pattern and outlets of each individual plaque keep combustion inside the ceramic material, increasing the surface temperature as well as the infrared heat emission. The casing and reflector assemblies provide robust construction of the complete heater to allow for a long operating life. The flexibility of radiant heaters brings optimum comfort with energy consumption considerably lower than any other forms of heating.

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Novacomet Regulator Model 1813

Product no.: HNW380122156

$129.80 *

Auto Changeover for Novacomet Gas Regulator

Product no.: HNW38R11021

$198.00 *

Radiant Gas Brooder, Manual Ignition 200 Chicks

Product no.: HNW2ZRFS

$525.20 *

Hose to suit Gas Brooder

Product no.: HNW383M

$39.90 *

Radiant Gas Brooder, Manual Ignition 400 Chicks

Product no.: HNW3ZRFS

$498.50 *
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