Nycex Disinfectant 50 grams

Nycex Disinfectant 50 grams

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Use 30 grams Nycex powder per 1000 litres to disinfect drinking water for poultry and chooks, other rates for cleaning disinfectant. Chloramine is capable of destroying bacteria and fungi. Use as water fungicide and disinfectant for poultry and pigeon watering systems i.e. reduce the instance of pigeon canker through sharing water. A powerful fungicide and suitable for topical use on superficial woulds and skin infections, including ring worm. Can be used on all animals and birds and useful for sterilising utensils and equipment (use higher concentrations for purposes other than continual water disinfection). Mix in a spray bottle to spray areas for disinfection including bedding or nests. Now unavailable from manufacturer.

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