Poultry Drinkers

Manual Chick Drinker & Cage Cups

Manual Chick Drinker & Cage Cups

Manual Poultry Drinkers. including Australian made Nu look chicken drinker, cage cups and others

Drinker Kits

Drinker Kits

This section is for Drinker Kits, made up or mostly ready to go. DIY parts are in Drinker parts

Poultry Drinker System Parts

Poultry Drinker System Parts

The range of Lubing components, cups and nipples,  seen  also in Drinker Kits. Make your own poultry drinker system.

BEC Poultry Drinkers

BEC Poultry Drinkers

Long standing company BEC poultry drinkers, including BEC75 bell drinkers and Minimasters for chicks.


Regulators, Float Valves and Tanks

Regulators, Float Valves and Tanks

Float Valves, Regulators, Auto waterer troughs. For automating your bird drinker needs. For nipple, bell and trough automatic systems

Poly fittings for Poultry Drinkers

Poly fittings for Poultry Drinkers

Poly fittings for most circumstances, ideal resource for matching supply sources to drinkers

Auto Trigger

Auto Trigger

Trigger cups are a good choice of drinker as they do not tend to get mouldy and there is less water to get hot.

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Side Sipper Nipple

Product no.: HSNPLAIN

$5.00 *
In stock

Esky Adapter for Side Sipper Nipple

Product no.: HSNADAPT

$2.75 *
In stock

Ignition manual Chook drinker

Product no.: IGNITION

$19.80 *
In stock

New Look Manual 4.5 litre Drinker

Product no.: BSNL001

$22.00 *

4201 tank 4007 Dual Cups kit

Product no.: 4201TD

$78.10 *

BEC Duck Drinker with Float

Product no.: BECOSPDD

$126.00 *

BEC 75 Hanging Drinker

Product no.: BEC75

$54.00 *

Triangular Nipple Drinker Kit


$55.00 *
Normal Price  $82.00
In stock

Easy Drinker Nipple Assembly Kit (not complete)

Product no.: BEDNAK

$125.00 *
Normal Price  $250.00
Product data sheet

Lubing 4007 Auto Combi Cup

Product no.: BMSLU-4007-00

$9.50 *
In stock

Tripod Auto Drinker 30ltr

Product no.: GN10895

$85.00 *

Tripod Auto Drinker 20ltr

Product no.: GN10890

$79.00 *
In stock

Lubing Combi Feather Touch Nipple, Hi Flow

Product no.: BMSLU-4024-00

$3.30 *

Lubing Starter Cup for Drinker Lines

Product no.: BMSLU-4060

$7.50 *
In stock

Automatic Bell Drinker Waterer

Product no.: GN11000

$60.00 *
In stock

Tripod Auto Drinker 40 Litres

Product no.: GN10885

$93.00 *
In stock
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Poultry Drinkers

Bellsouth introduced the red lubing poultry cup drinker to Australia 20 years ago, for Backyard chicken keepers this was one of the first easy to install automatic chicken waterer Australia, well the hobbyist in particular, had seen and used, before then it was mainly hanging drinkers, we still have those, either manual or automatic, but we have a lot more as well. Bellsouth is always on the lookout for automatic chicken waterers  to help people raise and look after their birds with less effort but better results. Chook drinkers, chick, duck, turkey, game and rabbit drinkers, domestic, research and commercial chicken drinkers, we do custom make chicken waterer systems, particularly nipple systems for specific purposes. Our range include the well utilised and well designed New look drinker for broilers and backyard ducklings and chicks. We would say our continous implentation and searching, allows us to say we have the best poultry and chicken drinkers for sale in Australia.

There are a lot of choices, from Bell drinkers, Nipple drinkers and manual drinkers, some poultry drinkers  are shown in the main page but most are in categories. Bellsouth sells high quality automatic drinkers, these do have water pressure constraints, and are not as simple as hanging a traditional gravity fed drinker. Done properly, these older simple drinkers are fine, sort of, however there are many many poor quality versions where people are finding a need to replace them often, until they look to us for a drinker system that works and keeps working without being unsustainable plastics wise. 

Poultry Feeders and Drinkers are many and varied, Bellsouth has a large range of feeders and drinkers on display and many parts for drinker systems. If we don't have a feeder type , it is likely we have considered that type and have chosen not to sell it, for quality, function and design reasons.

For more information on chook drinker water pressure, please read our article on drinker water pressure.

For more information still, on drinker systems please read the history information sheet on drinkers.