Privacy Policy

As a mail order service, we need some details from you, to enable us to properly conduct business. As our operational system is computer based, we do collect that information and store it on our computer database. All computer data is password protected. What information we will collect and why:

  • Name and Address: To ensure that your goods get to the correct place.
  • Phone, Fax, Email address: So we or a freight company can contact you if there is a problem with dispatch, payment, or use of the ordered products. Occasionally, we use our address and email address database to send regular newsletters to assist in development of our business. Please let us know if you don't wish to participate in mail outs.
  • Purchase history: We keep details of sales for the purpose of warranty, and planning so we can match requirements with our stock purchases. We also identify categories of customers so we can send specific information to those groups, e.g. free range farmers, antique book collectors.

Our database does not retain credit card details after payment.  

We reserve the right to submit your details to a credit bureau, or credit reference association to verify payment.

What we won't do

We will not sell, barter, exchange or allow any other organisation to use our data base of information. If information or product offers become available which we believe are in your interests to know about, we will consider a direct mailing from our premises.

We do however verify our database of physical addresses as is required by AustraliaPost in order to qualify for mailing discounts, and print bar code address labels. This does involve the scanning of the database by a third party service provider who agrees as part of the contract, not to use your information for any other purpose than verification and who does not store or keep your data in any way.

What we will do

We will update this Privacy Policy on our website if for any reason we decide to alter arrangements with regard to the use of your information.

Internet Policy

We are pleased that Bellsouth has been a leader in many areas of our industry and the internet is no exception. However we are a little old fashioned in some of our ways of doing things:

  • We regard the internet as an information tool. We still believe in contact with real people and have a real bricks and mortar address, and you can visit during business hours. However when in our foyer, please understand it is not a retail shop, but a mail order warehouse. If we take a call, we are attending to customers just like you who want information, they are also 'in the shop'.
  • We do not use third party providers with ads etc which pay for the web site by dubious methods. Coming to our site will not siphon off your email details to third parties (as far as it is within our ability to prevent).
  • The is specifically a sales site, and we will have regular information on the site ( to allow reasoned and intelligent decisions about products and suitability for your use.
  • If you don't understand this information, please tell us, so we can improve the information.
  • We make all efforts to show what we sell but sometimes product changes outstrip the photo department, this is not intention but reflects that we are not a massive business with a dedicated photographic or marketing department. When we go shopping, we like to do so without someone looking over our shoulder, so our site aims to provide that for you. Our shopping trolley and your information is encrypted to ensure the safety of the data and no credit card details are stored on our computers or at our premises.
  • Email is also during business hours, it is not a 24/7 instant reply system. 
  • Our usual business hours are 9 am to 5pm weekdays (Australian Eastern Time). Visiting us for a look see can happen between 10am and 4pm weekdays We also attend many of the major shows in all states of Australia, and occasionally elsewhere. We do close for public holidays in Victoria, and also when we want these dates will be shown on our eshop web pages.
  • Our site is home grown and sometimes it shows, please tell us if links do not work, or the graphics do not load.
  • If you choose to use a Facebook button from our eshop pages or products, your data will be sent to Facebook.