Molodri Organic 10kg

Molodri Organic 10kg

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A natural approach to poultry healthMolodri is a fine grade mixture of molasses and finely crushed fossils of microscopic, freshwater organisms which is a non-toxic, non-chemical control for coccidiosis and reduces parasitic burden. At the same time digestion improves assisting in the metabolism of calcium and is rich in trace elements. 

Simply add powder to the rations at the rate of 2.5% or allowing a free choice selection in a separate feed container can result in noticable improvements in bird health, feed efficiency and shell quality. Molodri can be safely fed to all ages and classes of poultry. Molodri relies on the action of the biogenic silica in the diatomaceous earth. It is certified within the BFA as an organic product.Molodri lowers the fecal egg count in a flock's immediate environment, which means Molodri is an ally of a birds own immune system. It serves to reduce the numbers of those parasites that would attack a bird's immune system. The real value of Molodri is as a management tool to improve the sustainability of your poultry operation, in a non chemical, environmentaly friendly way. Another method of use has been free choice, where the Molodri is in a small container and the birds can eat what they require. Actual consumption proves to be highly variable, as the birds seem to require more at different times. Always store Molodri sealed, undercover and away from the sun.

MOLODRI IS NOT A COCCIDIOSIS TREATMENT, AND IS NOT EFFECTIVE AS A SHORT TERM TREATMENT OF ACTIVE DISEASE. Use for controlling and mitigating and reducing the degree of problems.
Figure above shows what happened to the number of parasitic worm eggs when 37 week old laying hens
were fed a standard diet supplemented with 5% Molodri over a 10 week period.
Summary of the benefits of Molodri:
  • nil withholding period
  • deadly to parasites and insects (worms, beetle) and harmless to fish, animals, poultry or food
  • can absorb up to one times its own weight in liquid and still appear dry
  • the crushed diatoms scratch through the exoskeleton of parasites causing dehydration and death however does not damage host animal tissue
  • use in feed will increase the bulk in food without adding weight
  • anti-caking agent
  • diatomite (from sedimentary rock) is made up of amorphous silica (not crystalline silica) so it is non-carcinagenic and won't reduce lung capacity.
Molodri should never be stored in direct sunlight. A cool, dry and dark place is most suitable.


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