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Side Sipper Nipple

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Horizontal Side Chicken Drinker Nipple - ideal for installing into the side wall of a drum, bottle or even an Esky. Chooks 'bite' the nipple to release water and the microcup helps to reduce drips. We have found chooks take to these a little slower than normal nipples but they do use them. The microcup can have some water on it which can help chickens learn how to use the nipple and some drink from the leftovers in the microcup.

  • Install a number of these into a drum, and with a specially designed adaptor (HSNADAPT), one can install them into an Esky or drink cooler as well. The use in an esky is an ideal way to keep the drinking water cool (see notes further below) 
  • Install so that the height allows poultry to bite down from the front or the side
  • One nipple is suitable for about 5 chooks
  • Assumes about 1m pressure (head) for these nipples
  • Picture shows Sipper Nipple installed into an esky - Note you also need the adaptor for this set up. In hindsight one should really install the nipple lower in the esky for the birds to access more water - just place the esky onto a stable surface ensuring the height of the nipple is correct for your birds.  You could even add multiple nipples into one esky for multiple height poultry, it's fairly flexible
  • Spare parts for these Side Nipples are not available, much like all other nipples

NOTE - When installing don't overtighten the Horizontal chicken drinker nipple. Leaving a thread (or three) untightened is ok and probably better than over tightening as this may strip the thread of the nipple or split the plastic of your bucket, drum or esky.

Your Chooks will adapt to these Side Chicken drinker Nipples easily, but as usual for nipples Silkies and Polish chooks and other "busy" hairdo style chooks will struggle to target them as they cannot target so well. More for grown chickens rather than chicks, and not really suitable for ducks who want to dip their bills into water to scoop up water.



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