Drinker Drum Kits

Drinker Drum Kits

Using low cost poly drums to make effective chook and poultry drinker systems using Lubing cup drinkers. Note the height of drums should be no higher than 30cm above the drinker nipple. Many people have 20 litre or lower drums already,  but we do sell BPA Free food grade 20 l and 10 litre drums with 3/4 inch threads for easy connection. 

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4007 Drum Single

Product no.: 4007DS

$27.00 *
In stock

4025 nipple single drum kit

Product no.: 4025DS

$16.50 *

4025 nipples dual drum kit

Product no.: 4025DD

$24.00 *

4007 dual drum kit


$37.50 *
In stock

4009 cup dual drum kit

Product no.: 4009DD

$35.00 *
In stock
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