Float Tank Kits

Float Tank Kits

So you dont want to use a drum to supply water for your chicken drinkers, but really want a permanent water supply. Header tanks can provide the low pressure needed for proper use of the automatic chook drinkers like cup and chicken nipple drinker systems. Use these kits or build your own, you can also give us a call to discuss your poultry drinker needs, as the choices available can be somewhat duanting.

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Lubing 4201 Tank assembly

Product no.: LU4201

$53.90 *

4201 4007 single cup kit

Product no.: 4201TS

$68.20 *

4201 tank 4007 Dual Cups kit

Product no.: 4201TD

$78.10 *

4201 tank 4009 cup single kit

Product no.: 4201TSL

$67.10 *

4201 tank 4009 dual cup kit

Product no.: 4201TDL

$70.00 *
Normal Price  $77.00

4201 tank 4025 single nipple

Product no.: 4201TSN

$66.00 *

4201 tank with 4025 dual nipples

Product no.: 4201TDN

$62.00 *
Normal Price  $76.00
inc Gst exc delivery