SKA 5kg Steel Chook Feeder

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SKA 5kg Steel Chook Feeder

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** Limited Stock - This Poultry Feeder is ideally suited to the small layer flock, or as a grower feeder for many species in the time between chick feeders and adulthood. Features fully adjustable feed level, galvanised steel construction, and includes a black plastic Lid with hole for adjustment pole. Capacity 5 kg feeder 260mm high x 300 mm diameter. Lip height 45mm.

About Selecting a Chook Feeder  Please see video below and read on.


‚ÄčMany factors effect feed consumption. The breed of fowl, the age of the bird, the time of year, the weather conditions, the type of housing, and the type of feed all have an effect.

We can however talk in averages and so set about choosing a feeder which suits your situation. As a rough rule of thumb plan for a large chook eating about 200grams of food per hen per day.

When using a feeder for layers it is better to have a round feeder rather than a trough. This stops dominant birds from controlling the access to the feed.

Feeders should hang to prevent the birds sifting the feed and spilling some out. The best height is between back and eye height.

Select a feeder which will allow once week filling for layer flocks. This means the system is more convenient.

For laying flocks bigger than 20 birds use two feeders in the shed one at each end. This also helps prevent dominant birds from stopping the birds lower down the pecking order from getting to the feed.

With chicks, the choice is between round hoppers and troughs. Troughs are good with fine mash feeds but prefer round hoppers for crumbles.


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