Bellsouth stock a range of thermometers, many for use in incubation. From economic check thermometers to more sophisticated oil bath thermometers.

Bellsouth does favour analogue thermometers over digital for long term reliability and accuracy. This bias is even more srong when it comes to checking incubator temperatures, we feel it is far more sensinble to check a digital thermostat against an analogue thermometer rather than against another electronic measurement, making for a proper and objective comparison. 

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High Accuracy ASTM thermometer

Product no.: ASTM18F

$124.50 *

Bellsouth 100 Thermometer

Product no.: BSB100TH

$35.00 *
In stock

Rcom Calibration Check Thermometer

Product no.: RCOMCAL

$29.00 *
In stock

Wet Bulb Thermometer Deg F.

Product no.: IWB80F

$43.10 *
In stock

Wet Bulb Thermometer Deg C.

Product no.: IWB80C

$43.10 *
In stock

Angle Thermometer - Fahrenheit

Product no.: ME1TH

$37.00 *
In stock

Wick 9.5mm (3/8 inch) Roll of 228.6 metres

Product no.: WICK735

$252.00 *

Wick 6.35mm (1/4 inch) Roll 228.60 metres

Product no.: WICK461

$252.00 *

Covatutto Thermometer

Product no.: COV24TH

$48.40 *
In stock
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