Farm & Yard Supplies

Farm & Yard Supplies

A section for those parts and hardware neccessary for your yard or your farm. In here you will find parts and items we have for general use.

It may be parts we have becuase we need them, it may be parts we have that we use for other items. It is here as some parts are not regularly or easily acquired from the usual hardware shops.

In this section we will add items for other animals and pets. Farm and Yard Equipment for vaccination of pigs, and cleaning of Dog Kennels. Items our suppliers make for other animals and other uses not automatically associated with Poultry.



Other Animals

Other Animals

Bellsouth acts as agent and Distributor for a wide range of manufacturers who do have items to help in raising other animals 

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LU4440 Pulley 22mm

Product no.: LU4440

$1.50 *
In stock

Hanger kit for feeders and drinkers

Product no.: Hanger

$5.50 *


Product no.: CC500

$5.00 *

Radiant Gas Brooder, Manual Ignition 200 Chicks

Product no.: HNW2ZRFS

$384.00 *

Animal Brooder Kit, 30cm Large Shade, 250 Watt Element

Product no.: BSP250W-30

$118.50 *
In stock
inc Gst exc delivery