Intensive Care Units

Intensive Care Units

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ICU Nebulizer

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Intensive Care Units


ICU brooders are used for hand rearing or convalescing birds in a controlled environment and come in two convenient sizes to meet your size needs. This brooder whilst having a bird brooder sticker on it is used for wildlife rescue and dog , pup and other animal recovery as well .

The rcom brooder is used for providing heat and environement control to allow a bird, or pup or animal in general to recover. A nebulizer equiped ICU also allows medication and oxygen to be supplied to the bird. An ICU is not neccessarily intended for continous use over a long time, but is intended to assist in animal recovery. The ICUs listed here can be used as wildlife rescue brooders, whelpingpup brooder, dog brooder, koala ICU. We are trying to introduce a more sophisticated unit into Australia soon.