Bellsouth Incubator Parts

Bellsouth Incubator Parts

We often receive requests for parts for a home made incubator, or to build an egg incubator.. The operation of an incubator is more than a thermostat and a box, it is a combination of space, heater size and response time, ventilation, humidity, and the placement and operation of the thermostat. It has been our experince that the sale of a thermostat for use in a home made incubator is often unsuccesful in 2 ways. The first way is for the buyer, when the combination of the features above does not work, or when the thermostat does not match electrically the project.
The second is unsuccessful for the seller, thats us, when the expectation is now placed upon us that the product will work in the project the buyer has designed, or even worse, when the buyer is injured by an incorrect installation. We as the sellers are unwilling to accept the expectation that thermostats will operate in home built machines. For this reason, all thermostats are offered as replacement parts for particular brands, and are not represented as being suitable for any other application.
As spare parts for the machines listed, they should be installed by competent persons. If you are unsure of the installation, you should seek a competent person who can assist.

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Bellsouth 100 Thermometer

Product no.: BSB100TH

$35.00 *
In stock

Replacement Gearbox

Product no.: BSB100GBO

$80.00 *

Bellsouth Incubator Turner Upgrade

Product no.: BSB100GB

$135.00 *

Semi Auto only to add on to your existing B100 incubator

Product no.: BSB100SAT

$99.00 *
In stock

Stainless clip for auto turners

Product no.: B100UCLIP-SS35

$13.20 *

Bellsouth 100 Heater element

Product no.: B100H

$60.00 *
In stock

Side rail with rollers for turner

Product no.: B1001

$20.00 *

Tray Divider for B100 turner (Individual)

Product no.: BSB1002

$5.00 *
In stock

Tiny Funnel

Product no.: B1007

$3.00 *
In stock

Case for B100

Product no.: BSB100C

$68.00 *

Perforated Steel floor for B100

Product no.: BSB100NEWFLOOR

$29.00 *
In stock

B100 turner power pack

Product no.: BSB100TAPP

$38.00 *
In stock

High Accuracy ASTM thermometer

Product no.: ASTM18F

$124.50 *

Rollers (Set of 6) for turning Tray

Product no.: BSB100R

$4.00 *
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