Rcom Maru CT380 Deluxe

Rcom Maru CT380 Deluxe

Product no.: MARU 380 DELUXE

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Ideally suited to setting 2 trays of eggs each week. Digital temperature, humidity and automatic turning. Jog dial digital Automatic Temperature control, Automatic Digital humidity, Automatic turning. 440mm wide x 838 high  x 823 deep  100 watts app.

Internal light, door sensing function for temperature compensation, improved insulation board and updated humidifier. Larger incubators are for setting eggs - use a separate hatcher. This allows superior disease control and peak performance.

Plug your incubator into a surge protection power plug/ UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to protect the internal digital parts against power spikes and brown outs.

When incubating, setting and hatching always ensure the incubation room ( ambient for the machine)  is at a reasonable temperature and humidity, all machines operate within a range and outside of that range reults will vary.

Egg Setting Capacity

With 36 egg Australian Chicken trays

6 x 42 egg setting trays    252 eggs

Using 25 egg Australian Duck/Turkey Trays

6 x 25 egg setting trays        150 eggs

Using 36 egg Australian Chicken trays

6 x 36 egg setting trays      216 eggs

Using 46 egg Pheasant trays

6 x 46 egg setting trays       276 eggs

Using 95 egg Quail trays

6 x 95 eggs setting tray    570 eggs

Note: picture shows Universal Egg trays,  Bellsouth supply the Maru Cabinet series with Australian standard setter chicken trays. External water tank is not supplied, use your demineralised water bottle with a hole made in the lid for the silicon tube is ideal, put the water below the top lid of the incubator though. The universal tray is available upon request but does cost a little more, just ask us. Most people prefer to know exactly how many eggs are in the tray and also fixed egg location means candling is that much easier. More eggs in the tray may be possible with the universal tray though.Bellsouth have had the Maru egg tray assembly custom made tp suit the very normal jamesway style egg trays. Large eggs, smaller eggs, etc,  used in Australia, but it also can take the manufacturers universal tray.

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