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Main Functions of Rcom Brooder ICU

  • Centralised heating
  • Built in filter
  • Built in anion activation
  • Automatic water pump to maintain humidity
  • Efficient power usage.
  • It is really a device to help your puppy, kittens, flying fox, koala, bird spend its energy on recovery instead of maintaining body temperature so much.
  • Internal dimensions: 41cm (wide) x 39cm (deep) x 39cm (high).

​A brooder ICU such as this is used for exotic bird brooding, dog or puppy brooding and intensive care, and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. (They’ve been used for wallabies, koalas, fruit bats etc). The sticker says bird brooder but it also operates as an animal brooder.  It used to be labelled for its preferred purpose but they are both the same machine. Picture may differ to actual ICU.

Not suitable for transport and will not plug into a car.

Why Anion activation?
Anion is an electron or ion with a negative charge also known as a vitamin of the air. Usually anions are found in clean areas of nature such as woodland or mountains. Breathing in anions promotes cell metabolism, increases vitality, cleanses blood, stabilises nerves, aids in recuperating energy and improves appetite. The Rcom Brooder collides ions with oxygen to create more ions.

​As with all computer-based equipment, use a power point with surge protection to protect your asset.  Plug your ICU into a surge protection power plug/ UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to protect the internal digital parts against power spikes and brown outs.

You must use distilled water, as per the instructions, to avoid scale build up and to maintain efficient humidity settings. Distilled water is not boiled water, boiling doesn’t remove the minerals from water than cause it to damage the humidifier. 
Watch the height of your water level also; there is a line on the side of the machine outlining the maximum water height.  Not using distilled water (with no additives), or overfilling the water will void the warranty, as it is improper use of the machine.

Always ensure the incubation/ICU room (the ambient air for the machine) is at a reasonable temperature and humidity.  All machines operate within a range and outside of that range results will vary.  Ideally it should be between 20C and 25C at all times.  Outside of this it will struggle and if the ambient temperature exceeds 30C or falls below 15C it may damage the machine as it tries to compensate or stop working entirely.  Similarly, if the ambient humidity is very low, the brooder will struggle to maintain a high humidity setting and it can also only increase humidity, it cannot reduce it.  Being aware of the seasonal climate will have on the ambient air will be very helpful in how you manage this machine

​NOTE:  Some people believe raising parrots in an ICU should mean high Temperature (37C) and high humidity (60%). Not only will this push most ICUs to the limit, it is likely to cause problems with the bird (as it must be comfortable but not overly hot). 37C is very hot in a fan-based machine. Most experts would say temperature should be between 30 and 35 degrees and only at the high level for a day. Common humidity levels for sick or very young birds can be between 50% and 55% RH, preferably not below.  You may disagree with these recommendations and that is fine, but the Rcom has been designed to work within these parameters so don't expect the Rcom ICU to run happily at its highest settings all the time.  (It’s a bit like expecting the average car to be able to sustain 200km/h all day every day).  If you have doubts, then please ask Bellsouth what you are wanting the machine to do so we can clarify if the machine can meet your expectations.

Do not use kitty litter.  Blankets are the best option and wood shavings or shredded paper for insulation if needed.






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