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The all new Rcom 20 Pro (PX) DO Incubator has digital temperature, humidity setting and auto turning.  This version of Rcom egg incubator comes with 3 moulded egg trays: 20 chicken egg capacity, 48 quail egg capacity and 10 duck egg capacity. Used extensively in Zoos and Wildlife sanctuaries.

  • New, improved model has a Jog Dial for optimized user interface
  • Automatic Temperature and Humidity setting and control
  • Automatic egg turning and stop function
  • Manual setting model for incubating special breeds
  • LCD display with incubation information
  • Integrated Candling facility
  • Main body drying function
  • Anti-bacterial humidification unit
  • LED ambient light changing it's colour by the device status (see image above)
  • Cooling control cycle
  • Alarm function warning when water needs replenishing - Do not automatically add water, wait until the unit tells you to. Use distilled or demineralised water only.
  • Alarm function to advise when abnormal incubator temperature caused by sudden fluctuation of ambient temperature
  • Low noise, stepping egg turning motor
  • Body locking device
  • Slide plate in base of unit has embossed feature for preventing skid
  • Newly designed, double glazed viewing window/lid with handle helps minimize the influence of outside temperature 
  • This unit is very easy to take apart for thorough cleaning between hatches

Quick start menu allows you choose species off the menu or choose 'other' to program your own settings.

Remember to plug your incubator into an indepentent Surge Protection power plug or UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to protect the internal digital parts against power spikes and brown outs.

When incubating, setting and hatching always ensure the incubation room (ambient for the machine) is at a reasonable temperature and humidity (ideally between 20-26 degrees Celsius). If your machine is operating outside of that range results will vary. Commercial style unit.

Three moulded trays included with the unit for Chicken (standard), Quail (small) and Turkey/Duck eggs (large).

Optional roller tray available separately for incubating parrot or other small eggs.


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