Complete Orpington Hardback

Complete Orpington Hardback

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This A4 Orpington book has a slightly damaged dust jacket and dented corner. Published in 2005 is an Australian work with 79 pages (15 coloured pages). Dimensions: 30cm x 21cm. Limited work.The Orpington fowl sprang to prominence in the late 1800’s under the breeding hand of William Cook. This fowl was the premium layer of its day and could earn large amounts for its owner. Tegetemier, whose Poultry Book, published in 1873 was a standard reference work, wrote a small book called Profitable Fowls and Eggs. The chief reason for this book was to argue that no-one could possible make a living from fowls. William Cook made a large amount of money proving him wrong. Cook travelled the world on the sales of this breed. Today the breed no longer holds this reputation, having been overtaken by the Australian Orpington, which became known as the Australorp, then later by the crossbreed and hybrid layers. The Orpington is a standard heavy breed with 5 colours, and is still popular as a free range and pure breed fowl.

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