Absorbacide 4kg Drum

Absorbacide 4kg Drum


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This is fine grade DE not crude DE. Use diatomaceous earth or DE, or fossil flour, as a dusting powder for fleas, lice and other parasites with an exoskeleton, used for chickens and other domestic animals. Absorbacide is a natural management tool to improve the sustainability of your poultry operation, in a non chemical, environmentaly friendly way. Registered with the Australian Veterinary and Pesticides Authority for use against insect pests of stored grain and registered as an allowable input for organic farmers by the BFA.
Comes in a handy drum.

Summary of the benefits of Absorbacide:
  • nil withholding period
  • non-toxic external parasite and insect control (lice on poultry, mites on perch) so useful on the bird and to dust on nest boxes. Dust coating provides a barrier to insect infestation and maintains a fumigant concentration
  • can absorb up to one times its own weight in liquid and still appear dry
  • crushed diatoms have microscopically sharp edges which make contact with the parasites waxy outer layer causing dehydration and death however does not damage host animal tissue
  • diatomite (from sedimentary rock) is made up of amorphous silica (not crystalline silica) so it is non-carcinagenic and won't reduce lung capacity
  • suitable for use on all domestic animals with similar parasitic issues
  • effective against ants, aphids, caterpillars, leaf hopper, mite, weevil, red spider mite, slugs, snails and termites.
  • Comes in a 4kg contained in a white bucket, please keep sealed when not in use.


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