Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) tonic for chooks and poultry. Traditionally crushed and fermented apples, made in Australia and contains the Mother. Apple cider vinegar is usually dispensed through drinking water. We would say at about 1ml per litre, so not much. Our ACV is matured for at least a year giving it flavour and a higher acidity than most. It is full strength (about 6%), unfiltered and unpastuerised. ACV is used more and more of free range or pastured poultry situations as it does seem to assist chickens in digesting or passing grass so as to help the chooks not get crop bound. Of course more activity and husbandry is needed than just adding some ACV to the water...but it can help. The more is not the merrier, go easy with ACV.  ACV is also a mild disinfectant, contains potassium and helps with gut acidity.

Our ACV is bottled per order so it retains the Mother, when you recieve it you should consider leaving the cap off to allow the Mother access to oxygen so it can stay active and grow. We cover the open cap or lid with muslin to stop flies dropping in. Please note: NOT for human consumption.

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