Amprolium 1kg

Amprolium 1kg

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Amprolium is a derivitive of B group vitamins and works by inhibiting the coccidia's ability to feed. Soluble powder. For this reason the medication MUST be administered continuously for the specified period of time. Usual treatment programs consist of 30 grms in 25 litres of water for 7 days. To allow the correct development of immunity, some exposure to coccidia is required. To allow this it is recommended that the medication level be reduced to 15 grams in 25 litres of water for a further 7 days. Amprolium is the drug of choice for backyard chickens and commercial flocks as it has no witholding period and can be used right up to slaughter of the birds. Can be used at a low level continously in the feed, or as an occasional preventative for 1 day at full strength, before any symptoms are present. Do not give supplementary vitamins during Amprolium treatment. But it is a good idea to provide vitamin tratment to the your poultry flock, after treatment. Some customers treat their chickens and poultry as a preventative when buying them in from someone else, Cocciostat is what is in, or should be in, commercially acquired chick starter, and this allows your chicks to be treated as they eat

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