Baycox 1L

Baycox 1L

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Baycox is regarded by many as the drug of last resort for coccidiosis control. It has the unfortunate side effect that its action is so fast that it does not allow the development of the immune system, and so the long term  immunity. However we like to keep this drug for last resort as to date there is no sign of resistance. Overuse in mild cases may result in the development of that resistance.Baycox has specific use limitations regarding types of containers and water acidity, and has specific witholding conditions. It may not be used with laying hens or later than 14 days before slaughter. Try Amprolium before using Baycox.

Usual use rate is 3ml per litre of drinking water, administered for 8 hours, on 2 consecutive days with plain water in between. 1 litre pack.

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