Leg Pigment for Exhibition 100g

Leg Pigment for Exhibition 100g

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This 100g concentrated leg pigment mix is used to enhance the colour of chook legs, eyes, and skin. It only works if the bird has the genetics for these features.

How it works:
The genetics for the yellow, and red factors means the bird has the genetics to accumulate the colouring components from the diet and store them in the skin, legs, and eyes. However, if the chook has a diet low in these ingredients, which are usually found in very short fresh green feed, then there is insufficient of the colour components to be stored by the chicken. In addition these colour components are used in the yolk, and though a pullet may have excellent colour before lay, often the colour is leached out into the eggs, causing a rapid decline in the leg colour once lay starts.

BCX100 leg pigment is used at 1-2 grams per 10 kg (a pinch per pair every couple of days) in food provides the additional colour components. It is derived from Paprika and Marigolds to reduce the losses of pigment from the body stores. Using too much is obvious, the eyes can become blood red, and the egg yolks can also become blood red.
Remember however that the bowel function is permanantly damaged by coccidiosis and some disinfectants, and so then it can never absorb these ingredients involved with colour( and a lot of nutrients involved in hatchability). So good coccidiosis control is essential.

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