2 Door Poultry Crate

2 Door Poultry Crate

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CRATE C two door commercial grade plastic poultry crateConsider these for your Bushfire plans. Shipped flat packed.

Made of high density polyethylene UV stabilised plastic with temperature resistance. Capacity is around 12 - 16 birds dependant on climate and weight of birds.

Unfortunately the price of crates has passed $120.00 for new Australian made crates, so we have imported these Italian made crates as an alternative. The design allows shipping at a greatly reduced cost, and the dual doors are very efficient in allowing access to the birds from different operating methods. The end door also allows loading of stacked crates, so sorting birds into different groups is simplified.Removal of birds from a lower crate is achieved without the need for moving the top crates. Ideal for loading and unloading while the crates are still on the back of the ute. The supply of the crates in dismantled form means low cost of shipping, however the crates are not designed to be dismantled again after initial assembly. Chickens will sit down while in transit so these crate sare suitable for most chickens, however the purebred fancier may consider the Turkey crate for the large chooks an dducks and indeed turkeys they may transport.

Due to the bulky nature of this item, when ordering five (5) or more crates, they will be shipped on a pallet.

These crates have a sliding top door, this is  stiff to open, as it needs to be ( who wants a door that can open easily on a chook crate) especially at first, so watch your fingers when opening, if you pull too hard your fingers could get caught and this could hurt or damage your fingers. Once you have the knack and also the plastic is worn a little this won't be a worry, but still its a sliding door and you should be aware that a sliding door will slide and if your fingers are in the way they could get hurt. Take care.

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DIMENSIONS: 77x57x29 cm.Overall






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