Rcom Maru CT 1000 Deluxe

Rcom Maru CT 1000 Deluxe

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The Maru Deluxe Incubator offers a jog dial to control digital temperature and humidity, adjust automatic turning timing.

LED indoor light, Door sensing function to prevent temperature overcompensation. Water container not sold in Australia

The Maru Deluxe is a Setter, that is it should be teamed with a separate hatcher with filer so that fans and motors are not gunged up. This Method is more efficient than hatching inside an incubator  and has better results. It is more efficient and more hygienic. Certainly buying a seperate hatcher can put some people off , but usually they either have one they can use already( old machine) or they buy a new one and don't regret it becuase of the additional efficiency and most often better results that this method helps with. Hatching Eggs is the goal, and hatching eggs seperately on this scale and actually even on a smaller scale is a better idea. for incubator maintenance and cleanliness, lack of cross contaimination, systematic egg hatching and incubator effeciency.

Incubator Dimensions: 816mm w x 963mm h x 823mm deep, 88kg, 150 watts app. (Tip: this incubator is large and will not fit through a standard door). Delivery dimensions will differ at this incubator will be packaged up on a pallet (a forklift is required for receiving).

Egg setting capacity

Larger incubators are for setting eggs only - use a separate hatchers.

This allows superior disease control and peak performance.

Trays shown in picture are universal egg trays, which are available upon request, but discuss the pros and cons with us first. Bellsouth has arranged for a choice of trays for the Maru incubators, priotising standard trays over the manufacturers universsal trays. The standard is usually 'jamesway' trays, rails are custom made for these trays but are removable.  You have the choice of , 25, 36 egg trays or 42 egg trays, or a mix , as part of the cost.

See the Technical Bulletin Expanding to Larger Scale incubation


With 42 egg Australian Chicken trays

16 x 42 egg setting trays   672 eggs

Using 25 egg Australian Duck/Turkey Trays

16 x 25 egg setting trays   400 eggs

Using 36 egg Australian Chicken trays

16 x 36 egg setting trays   576 eggs

Using 46 egg Pheasant trays

1 6 x 46 egg setting trays     736 eggs

Using 95 egg Quail trays

16 x 95 eggs setting tray    1520 eggs

Note: picture shows Korean trays, Bellsouth supply the Maru Incubator Cabinet series with Australian standard setter chicken trays. External water tank is not supplied, a demineralised water bottle with a hole made in the lid for the silicon tube is ideal.

When incubating, setting and hatching always ensure the incubation room ( ambient for the machine)  is at a reasonable temperature and humidity, all machines operate within a range and outside of that range reults will vary.


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