Astrale 1300ADS Incubator

Astrale 1300ADS Incubator

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Astrale 1300 ads semi professional Egg incubator, Italian made 1296 chook egg incubator. Commercial grade actuator for turning, many comercial grade features, but this machine is not officially a commercial grade incubator, they cost more, but this is very close.

Price shown includes fogging humidiification, PID controller, and egg trays.

This range does have a number of choices which can reduce the price, we have in stock this version as it is what has been asked for.

Nice smooth turning robust turners, nice design features and one in particular we like. This unit has an old fashioned thermal wafer overheat and backup system. So if the electronics fail you can switch over to the thermal wafer thermostat. This is the sign of a long term operator who manufacturers this machine. 3 speed fans, we would normally leave the settings at the middle range but another idea is slowe as first faster then fasts with a few days to go. But if staggering , we would suggets running it at speed 2 .

This is a setter only, it does not have a hatcher component, Bellsouth would usually recommend hatching seperately for too many reasons. This machine has the turners built in, increased capacity would usually demand roll in roll out setting trollies. There is one larger machine that this available and it sets 2593 eggs at full capaity. 

When incubating, setting and hatching eggs always ensure the incubation room ( ambient for the machine)  is at a reasonable temperature and humidity, all machines operate within a range and outside of that range reults will vary.



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