Esky Adapter for Side Sipper Nipple

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The Esky Adapter allows for the installation of a Horizontal Side Sipper Drinker Nipple into the wall of an Esky.  With the Side Sipper Nipples Chooks 'bite' the nipple which then releases water and the microcup stops drips. Note:- Side Sipper Nipple and Esky Not included.

Pictures shown as an example only of the Adaptor installed into an Esky, please note that this purchase is for the Adaptor only.

Installation:- For installing into an Esky, firstly choose where you want the nipple to be placed, do a dry run to make sure the heigh is correct before drilling. Drill hole into the esky, measure the correct diameter against the adaptor and make sure the hole is clean, i.e no rough edges.

Insert adapter, with washer from the inside, note how much you need to cut off for the side nipple to be able to screw into the adaptor tightly with no bulgy parts. i.e cut off on the esky side of your marking on the adaptor so the adaptor finishes a tiny bit inside the esky. Cut off any excess (this isn't easy so be careful) either use sharp box cutter, serrated kitchen knife or something like that - be careful.

Insert adaptor back into the Esky's hole and screw in horizontal nipple firmly but don't over-tighten it, leaving a thread or so is ideal. When finished maybe play with the nipple so some water is sitting in the microcup, this will then encourage your chooks to use it.

* We do not guarantee your chickens will love it over other styles however its hygienic, its a great option for the warmer months/climates and it has worked well for us.


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