Surefire Couma Blue Block, 2.4 or 8.0kg Tub


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Surefire Couma Blue - all weather Blocks Rodenticide. The Surefire Couma Blue Blocks are a ready to use, first generation multi-feed anticoagulant bait.

  • Suitable for both dry and damp conditions.
  • Ideal for use in Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural buildings and structures*.
  • Approved for use in farm buildings, dairies, meatworks and wharf areas.
  • Also suitable for domestic use*.
  • One Feed - fast acting.
  • Highly palatable - no bait shyness.
  • Blue Blocks are available in 2.4kg and 8kg Tubs.
  • Individual block size - 3cm x 3cm x 3cm, Individual block weight 30g.
  • Couma Blocks contain Bitrex, human-taste deterrent.
  • Manufactured with a central hole so they can easily be tied with wire into bait stations, etc.
  • Active ingredient - Coumatetralyl @ 0.37g/kg.
  • Coumatetralyl is metabolized rapidly in dead rodents, decreasing the risk of secondary poisoning.

​* Place blocks in areas of known rodent activity. Do not exceed 3m between baits for mice or 9m for rats, 30-60g (1 to 2 blocks per bait site), follow the baiting strategies for non-crop situations on product label.

Click here to view pdf of Product Brochure.

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