High Accuracy ASTM thermometer

High Accuracy ASTM thermometer

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High Accuracy Pencil thermometer. ASTM standard, 0.2 F increments. used for calibrating and checking egg incubators, immersing in oil allows the most accurate measurements.

Blue Accusafe filling is easy to read and is most likely replace mercury entirely soon.

This filling can seperate more easily than mercury( ocurring  with rough treatment or sometimes in transit), but this thermometer also makes the 'fixing' easier as well, with an addiition bulb within the glass.

Picture shows blue filling but not actual thermometer which Measures in Fahrenheit with 0.2 F increments.

We ship with instructions for use- particularly explaining 'fixing' seperated  filling.

This thermometer is not 'certified' and serial numbered but is made to be within  ASTM standards.


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