Rcom Maru 380 Hatcher

Rcom Maru 380 Hatcher

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The Rcom Maru 380 Hatcher is only used for the last three days of incubation (or “lock down”) and has the same egg capacity as the Maru 380 Deluxe incubator.  It is not designed as an incubator and shouldn’t be used as one. 

It comes with a hatcher basket and dander filter and has the same jog dial, digital temperature and humidity control as the Maru Incubators and also requires distilled/demineralised water only.  The water container should never be above the machine, only beside it.

The Maru 380 Hatcher can hatch six trays of eggs, so it can be used as a hatcher for the same size or, if doing a staggered incubation, it can suit even larger cabinet incubators.

When incubating, setting and hatching eggs always ensure the incubation room has reasonable ambient temperature and humidity.  The same conditions are required for the hatcher as for the incubator in this regard as they are trying to maintain the same conditions.

Delivery of cabinet incubators can only be done on a pallet with a forklift so a forklift must be available for unloading at your chosen delivery address. Please indicate availability of forklift in comments section.

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