Rcom Maru 190 Deluxe

Rcom Maru 190 Deluxe

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The  Maru 190 Deluxe Egg Incubator (setter)is the same size and has the same capacity as the previous generation MARU 190, but also has a door open switch (tells the controller that the door is open and not to overcompensate, and turns on the cabinet light). New advanced water heating for humidification. The heating element is not inside the water tank but outside of the tank. Redesigned control for ease of use, using a knob rather than buttons for control. Distilled water should still be used for humidification.

This incubator like all incubators ( unless on a commercial scale in which every step of incubation is monitored second by second, and hatchries are staffed) are best teamed with a seperate Hatcher for Hatching Eggs

This is called staggered hatching , which seperates the relatevely clean step of setting eggs for the first 18 days (Chicken) and hatching (messier) for the last 3 days. This method allow efficient and hygienic incubation process, and most often more succefful result in terms of the end result, hatched eggs. Hatchers that will work for the Maru 190 are the Maru 100 hatcher, the Bellsouth Incubator and perhaps even the Rcom King suro 20 egg hatcher, or a reliable old incubator whose turner may have but which still operates well,  depending upon how you are working your hatching.

Choice of trays, the Maru 190 deluxe Egg incubator takes three trays, one per shelf.

Please tell us which egg tray you want: Chicken (36 or 42 capacity) or duck trays are part of the price. Quail or bantam trays are sold seperately, but tell us anyway.

Choice of trays determines capacity

  • 36 egg Australian standard tray by three means 108 chook eggs
  • 42 egg tray (smaller eggs x 3)= 128 eggs.

Use a separate hatcher to hatch eggs only i.e B100 manual incubator or Maru H&B

Plug your incubator into a surge protection power plug/UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to protect the internal digital parts against power spikes and brown outs. Commercial style.

When incubating, setting and hatching always ensure the incubation room (ambient for the machine)  is at a reasonable temperature and humidity, all machines operate within a range and outside of that range reults will vary.

Delivery dimensions will differ as this incubator will be packaged up on a pallet (a forklift is required for receiving).


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