Pecking Stone Hard 10KG

Pecking Stone Hard 10KG

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Large Pecking stone Australian made. Used as boredom control and to assist wearing down beaks, plus some nutrients. Pricing is indicative only please talk to use about your needs in this regard. This stone comes with Rope and hanging hardware, so it can be suspended for less mess. Hard and softer stones exist, much the same price. 10kg should take a month or so to wer down with a couple of thousand birds, however probably best to have about 1 to 500 birds for easy access.

Fairly new idea to Australia. Used as one of a number of methods to control chook behaviour, reduce boredom and reduce feather pecking, wear down beaks mitigate damage. This item will essentially never wear down in small flocks, it needs large flocks, we have smaller stones however even they ar very hard, backyard flocks  will most likely not get enough benefit from this type of item, Breeders do have potential to use say a 2kg stone, howver measuring the results could be problematic...even so if you would like to discuss this please let us know.

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