Plastic Egg Tray Blue 30 Eggs BOX

Plastic Egg Tray Blue 30 Eggs BOX

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Impove your Egg handling use a system of egg trays and egg tray boxes available at Bellsouth. UV stabalised virgin plastics are used in making these European egg trays. Egg trays for 30 eggs that invidually are around 65-75g weight. Trays are Blue  in colour.  Used with Lindamatic crates or by themselves. Packed in a standardised carton, weighed and packed on pallets for larger numbers. Our box holds between 69 and 72 egg trays, most often 71 egg trays are in the box (yes we have boxed, weighed and counted a good number of samples to be able to offer this deal). We will not be counting trays on each order though. We fill the standardized box so it can be packed properly and neatly. For greater numbers we use equivalent weight, so packing can be sped up. 

So if the trays are bought "by the box" they cost a little about $1.93 each. Numbers are not guaranteed, we fill the box, and the box is made for Bellsouth and best suits posting and handling and fits the trays nicely. 


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Egg Trays 30 egg blue 65 to 75g Egg Trays 30 egg blue 65 to 75g
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