Standard Plasson Chicken drinker

Standard Plasson Chicken drinker

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Plasson Mk2 bell chicken drinker with ballast bottle, 3m of tubing, cord, cord adjuster, chook drinker for large scale 25-100 birds. Ballasted Drinkers are a larger diameter automatic chicken drinker unit and is ideal for larger numbers of growers,layers, breeders, and free range birds.The large ballast bottle minimises movement through bumping, and has an adjustable water level.

The Plasson Mk2  bell drinker can stand on the litter for chicks, and should be height adjusted to the level of the birds back as they grow. The maximum water pressure is a water head of 3m or 10 ft. Connect to mains using regulator MPR-6003. Kit includes: drinker, cord, tubing, pipe clip, cord adjuster.

Saddle connector 2100030 or 2100050 are options for multiple installations




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