Rcom Brooder ICU Large Nebuliser Ready

Rcom Brooder ICU Large Nebuliser Ready

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Intensive Care Unit (ICU) (Curadle 90). This ICU has automatic temperature and humidity with recessed brooding tray for easy cleaning. Dimmer for illumination control, convenient rotary slide up door. Low fan noise (69db). Nebuliser ready (Nebuliser sold separately). Dimensions inside: 62cm wide x 36cm deep x 39cm high,  Dimensions outside: 82cm wide x 40cm deep x 45cm high. This ICU has the capability of having a nebuliser attached and oxygen. This brooder ICU can be used as a willdlife rescue brooder, dog brooder, pup ICU and even a koala ICU, and yes as a bird brooder ICU, It is for animals. One picture shows the livery of the ICU as a Pet Brooder. The main picture shows the new livery and new naming for this unit. Machines that come ready for oxygen and nebulisers are now called Curadle (Cure-Cradle) , in this way it will be easier to notice the difference between ICUs with (called a bird brooder or ICU) and the units with additional tubes and fan to accommadate a nebuliser (sold separately) and oxygen (not sold by Bellsouth).

Note this unit now comes with the ability to turn off the sound when you press buttons, has a pump button (will turn on the pump if you want , otherwise this is automatic if the machine thinks the humidity needs increasing according to your settings),  led display is now white on grey, the pipe for nebuilzer has an add on plug to allow simultaneous oxygen and nebulise connection. The machine looks a little different , then manual is better . This curadle is fine for Bird brooding as well , but we have decided to delineate the two different types of ICUs, both can be used for the same things.

Note : The very latest ICU Units have Heat, Empty and Anion lights. The Empty Label could confuse people, this light should flash when the Brooder is actively humidifying the cabinet, and does not turn on when the tank is empty, an Et appears on the humidity screen when the tank is empty .

‚ÄčNOTE:  Some people believe raising parrots in an ICU means constant high temperature (37 degrees) and constant high humidity (60%) which will push this ICU to it's limit. Such settings cause problems for the bird (becoming overly hot, breathing hot air and in a fan based machine becoming dehydrated). Most experts would say temperature should be between 30 and 35 degrees and only at the high level for one day. Common humidity levels for sick or very young birds can be between 50 and 55 % RH, preferably not below. If you disagree with us then that's fine, just don't expect the Rcom ICU to run happily at what we consider inappropriate levels of temperature and humidity. Also, note that the ambient temperature and humidity in the room makes a real difference to what the ICU can do for you. If your ambient humidity is low don't expect the ICU to be able to ramp it up to 60% at 37 degress C. A high temperature makes getting the humdity high all the more difficult. We are happy with the ICU but it will not do everything the way everyone wants it to. Don't assume please, ask us. Ask us to explain before assuming your settings are fine, tell us what you expect before applying those expectations on machines.

Also, distilled water is not boiled water (many people seem to think it is---it is not), we say use distilled water for a reason, if this is not possible, then do not buy this ICU. Don't put unknown additives in your water, this unit boils the water immediately and quickly if your additives cause the machine to boil over then that is not a warranty issue- use distilled water and clean your machine.

It has also come to our attention that people use 'kitty litter' in these machines, not only will this absorb moisture from the air (making humidification more difficult) but when the litter granules break down they create a lot of dust, bad for the animals respritorary system and bad for the water tank and fans. Use blankets on the floor of the ICU and wood shavings or shedded paper for litter.

Protect your incubators, ICU and important equipment with surge protectors. As electricirity provision becomes more privatised and the dollars are not spent on the quality of power, the risks of dirty or spiky power increase. So get a surge protector or a UPS (uninteruptable power supply) and use it please.

Also, watch the height of your water level, there is a line on the side of the machine outlining the maximum water height, please use the machine as the instructions and this guide tell you to. Much of what is said above may be termed 'common sense' but it is neccessary to tell people these things as we have found some different uses and materials being used with these units. Back to base warranty

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