RCOM 10 Eco Plus

RCOM 10 Eco Plus

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Rcom 10 Egg Incubator, Economic edition. innovative design, easy to use, manual hand turning, or semi auto turning to be precise ( turning all the eggs at once not individually)  Egg tray supplied, thermometer supplied, turning disk supplied or leave out and use as a small hatcher. 

Clean and transparent large 360 degree view-window; Separation of electronic controller assembly allows convenient cleaning; 

Design incorporates principles to reduce germ reproduction such as minimising interior mechanisms reducing bacterial propogation. 

Variable air control lever which enables the interior air volume of the device, to be altered. Artificial intelligence based electronics with the state-of-the-art controlling technology designed by Rcom. 

Capacity of simultaneous hatching of about 10 standard size eggs. Rotational Heater Support which enables the easy adjustment of heater tension. Turn all eggs at once by hand.

Manual temperature, humidity adjustment and setup functions. Clamped structure which reduces the leakage of water drops inside the view-window (dew condensation) of the device. 

Clip-in , clip-out  separation of upper part (main controller) for convenient cleaning after incubation and separation. External water input hole and moisturizing device for easy supply of water for humidity; Egg Tray design allows for different sized eggs; Convenient method of manual egg rotating function.

As this Incubator does not have automated turner it can also be used for hatching eggs, so could be teamed with a 20 egg incubator for staggered hatching. Staggered hatching is one of the best, most efficient ways of hatching eggs

Dimensions: 26cm x 24cm x 17cm high. Capacity: 10 chicken, 30 quail. Egg tray specially designed to take different sizes. Power use: 36 Watts, lets say 40, average 21 watts.

Power feature: can be used with external power adaptor  so 12 volts dc 3A,. Possible in car use for moving eggs and birds.

When incubating, setting and hatching eggs always ensure the incubation room (ambient for the machine)  is at a reasonable temperature and humidity, all machines operate within a range and outside of that range reults will vary.

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