Rotomaid Egg Washer 200

Rotomaid Egg Washer 200

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Rotomaid unit of medium density polyethylene engineering-grade plastic components. The upper unit contains a heating element and thermostat. The lower unit is the agitating base. The unit has two power leads, one for the bucket and one for the base, both of which run on an Australian power supply. Convenient tap to release water when no longer chlorinated.

Fill the supplied Rotomaid egg washer bucket to the indicator line with water and add egg washing powder.  So this without splashing water arround, this is easy but if you are rough with the machine and surrounds then the machine will not last as long you may expect. Use chlorine strips to measure 100 - 200ppm of chlorine for each basket. Put bucket on the agitator. Turn on the heating element, which will quickly reach the preset temperature as controlled by the inbuilt thermostat. Collect your eggs in the supplied plastic coated basket and gently lower into the solution. Egg size will affect amount of eggs that will fit into basket. Wash eggs for a period for less than 3 minutes. We recommend purchasing a second plastic coated basket so the next load of eggs is ready to go in the pre-heated, chlorinated water.  Once the base unit is switched on, the gentle movement  will  clean the egg shells, giving them a clean and hygienic appearance. Now Turn on agitator .Once the water in the bucket has reached the preset temperature, and the agitator is on,  it will create an efficient and hygienic, gentle agitation egg cleaning solution. You should not have eggs in the water for longer that 2-3 minutes, in for  should be for the shortest time possible. So not leave extra dirty eggs in for longer, that is plain crazy, if the eggs are really dirty then don't wash them, discard them and work on your farm to reduce the proportion of dirty eggs. 

Rotomaid is an immersion washer and is unique, in that it maintains the temperature of wash solution and is affordable for the small producer. Its simple, repeatable and it works. Good practices need to be followed through so don't cut corners. If your process is effective then your choice of tool is just that,  a tool to assist your process.

As this is a smaller machine and used for business the warranty is as per a commercial warranty, i.e 3 months, given that , we would expect the the bucket and platcics to wear out for years, other parts longevity will depend upon how well the machine is looked after and how much it is used. Most customers have these for years without issues, we have only had them in Australia for about 3 years.

Purchase chlorine strips 

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