SBM Gas Brooder 1500 chicks

SBM Gas Brooder 1500 chicks

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The SBM small scale gas brooders are ideally suited to raising small batches of birds, from 100 up to 1000. The manual ignition chick brooders are available is 8 sizes, however the largest of these is not of practical use for small flocks.

These heaters are radiant heaters and emit radiation at the correct wavelength for effective body heating without wasting energy heating the air. Select the size heater required for your location and number of chicks. Chick numbers are based on a minimum ambient temperature of 15 degrees. These chick brooders require a proper high pressure regulator ( not a low pressure one like a BBQ regulator) , hose and an Autochanger should be considered.

To set the heat for the chicks.
a/ Set the regulator to 7.
b/ Set at recommended height.( see starting height table)
c/ Allow min 1 hour before placement of chicks.
d/ Place the chicks, allow 1 houre for the chicks to settle, then adjust the height of the head until the chicks spread evenly over the brooder area. See brooding instructions for Pandoral.
Please remember to order well in advance as these units can take 4-6 weeks, or longer, to arrive in stock. Remember that the brooder should always be at approx 10 degree angle to the floor.

These larger units need extra considertion of height, ventilation and room design, and may be better suited with auto ignition and control systems. Call to discuss requirements.

Picture shows auto and manual 2 ZRFS. See cleaning a ZRFS on Bellsouth YouTube and brooding fact sheets.

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