Vacuum Egg Lifter 6 Egg

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Egg Lifter for 6 eggs. Push down the egg cups onto the eggs and when compressed seal the hole with your thumb to create a vacuum and lift the eggs. Place the eggs down where you need them and then lift your thumb.  It's very simple.

Ideal for moving the eggs from an egg tray to a carton, or from an egg tray to a grader. If moving them to an egg grader infeed, you will need to drag the eggs slightly when releasing them so they roll sideways (this may take some practice).  

The 6 egg lifter is a little easier to use than the 12 egg.  It requires less pushing down and less precision than the 12. All egg cups must be used for the whole thing to work so it could be more practical for smaller producers. 

Not much pressure is required to get a good thumb seal so no need to push your thumb hard into the hole, it just needs to make a seal. That being said, it isn't ideal to carry the eggs around for a prolonged time period, as eventually the vacuum will be released due to dust, the eggshell surface, or your thumb moving accidentally. The Egg lifter is designed for easy and rapid moving of eggs, not for prolonged carrying.

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