Virkon S 2.5 kg

Virkon S 2.5 kg

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Virkon® S is the professional choice for disinfectionUsed as a foot dip for farms, for fogging nest boxes/lofts/henhouses to minimise disease, disinfection of poultry drinking water and eggs (incubation eggs only, not eggs for human consumption). Ideal for cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and equipment in veterinary surgeries, farms, hatcheries, kennels, catteries, stables, cages and other animal accommodation. Virkon® S is used by governments for disease control and quarantine. Virkon® S overcomes cold temperature, high organic challenge and resistance.

The broad spectrum efficacy of Virkon® S for farm disinfection has been independently proven against over 100 strains of virus, 22 viral families, 400 strains of bacteria and 60 strains of fungi, using a wide range of contact times, temperatures and organic challenge levels. Virkon® S achieves deactivation and destruction of the target organism through a broad-spectrum, non-selective range of oxidation reactions. Unlike other disinfectant chemistries, Virkon® S does not exert a specific toxicological effect on the target organism and is proven to kill pathogens in seconds.

Picture of product may differ to one sent as there is a manufacturer product rebrand happening at the moment.  Virkon does expire so please confirm the expiry date before ordering if that is a concern for you.

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