Rotary Plucker Quail 450mm

Rotary Plucker Quail 450mm

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This 450mm Quail plucker is for quail. Outer case stainless steel (supplied still with blue plastic protective wrap) under frame painted steel. Dual belt pulley drive and 1.1kw, 240 volt motor. Fitted with quality rubber Lili picking fingers (not the yellow Chinese kind). The RP45s will provide fast plucking for quail depending on weight (up to 300gms) but is less suited to very large quail. 

Scald 9-10 quail at a time, then drop the birds into the running plucker before washing down the feathers with a spray of cold water. Use the power button to turn machine off to remove birds.

All pictures show units still in the protective wrap on the stainless steel for contrasting pictures. This plucker is set at a cheaper price, when the exchange rate was in our favour, after stocks finish new pricing will apply

Dimensions: 57 x 57 x 101 cm(H)

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