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The band is carefully inserted using the special pliers.

The point of the wing band penetrates the web of the wing and goes around the cord at the front of the wing.

Once installed the band is permanent and careful insertion usually means less than 2% of the bands fall off.

As the bird grows the band will be covered by feathers and not apparent to casual observation.

The bands come in packets of 100 sequential numbers. We usually order 10-20000 bands at a time with numbers from

1-20,000. so you may get a packet of 1-100 or 2300 to 2399.

Price is per packet of 100 sequential numbered bands , and we supply standard Natural aluminium. If you require different colours they can be ordered as a special order. Alternatively, use cheap nail polish to add different colours to the bands. Colour the groups before you remove them from the support strips.


Insertion Instructions

Hold the chick in the left hand with the tip of the right wing between the thumb and forefinger. Hold the chick's head between the 2nd and 3rd fingers. Place the band in the pliers first. Line up the bubble in the band in the recess on the pliers. Make sure the bubble side of the band is flat against the jaw of the plier. Carefully align the tip of the band with the centre of the wing web, making sure the tip will not puncture the flesh or damage the tendon in the front edge of the web. Close the pliers and the tip will go through the web, contact the bubble in the bottom part of the tag and fold in to lock in place. The band is now permanent. To remove use a pait of angle cutting pliets to cut through the tag.

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