Ammonia level test paper

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Ammonia level test paper

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Ammonia test paper, 0,5,10,20,50,100 ppm (parts per million). 1 rolls per box with one dispenser supplied. Use for testing the levels of ammonia in the chicken coop, or on the poultry layer farm or broiler farm , free range , pastured poultry or broiler farm  it doesn't matter knowing ammonia levels is a very good measure of chicken, duck, any poultry's  environment 

It is best to measure Ammonia at the level a chook will notice ior feel the affects of ammonia, so for a broiler which sits down a lot measure at sitting height, for a chicken or layer measure a tiny bit higher but the more conservative the better to ensure your poultry welfare is ok. If ammonia is too high broilers in particular can get burnt feet , and become overwhelmed.

Above 20ppm is not good.

Tear off a strip of paper, moisten with distilled water and expose to the air. Wait 15 seconds and compare the test strip to the calibrated color chart. The color chart shows readings in ppm of ammonia in air..

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1 - 1 of 11 results