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The BAT 1 poultry scale brings you the extras in manual poultry weighing. Portable, battery driven scale for quick weighing of live poultry promptly provides you with all kinds of data on poultry population. A large graphic display, high memory capacity and a long battery life are just a few features that make this poultry scale so popular and user-friendly. This scale comes equipped with the advanced poultry hook. Weighs up to 30kg (60lbs).

Powerful PC software will save you time and headaches during processing the results on a computer. With advanced features like automatic drawing of histograms and growth curves, you will see that managing data from all your farms has never been easier.


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Advanced Poultry Hook Advanced Poultry Hook
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Rubber Straps for Advanced Poultry Hook Rubber Straps for Advanced Poultry Hook
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